Types of Complaints

Not all complaints fall under the jurisdiction of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board.

The MVDB Consumer Assistance Analysts will work with the dealership and the consumer to resolve many of these issues. The Analyst may require additional documentation or information. More involved complaints may prompt a visit to the dealership from one of our field investigators, or may require formal correspondence with the dealership citing a possible violation or civil penalty. For issues outside the MVDB's jurisdiction, we will be glad to direct you to the proper agency; however, we do not provide legal advice to resolve complaints.

In saying that, The Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (MVDB) receives complaints from automobile consumers regarding:

  • Out of business dealers
  • Title and registration issues
  • Service and repair issues
  • State Inspection issues
  • Warranty issues
  • Business complaints against dealers or salespersons
  • Contract disputes
  • Repossessions