Franchise Dealer-Operator

The first step to becoming a Franchise Dealer-Operator is to take and pass the Franchise Dealer-Operator test at any DMV Customer Service Center.


Steps to take the Franhise Dealer-Operator Test:

  • Complete the MVDB 57, Dealer-Operator/Salesperson Qualification Test Application and indicate on this form appropriate dealer-operator test as follows:
  1. If you are currently holding a valid Virginia Salesperson License, check on the MVDB 57 - Dealer-Operator Franchise (80 questions).
  2. If you do not have a valid Virginia Salesperson License, check on the MVDB 57 - Combined Dealer-Operator Franchise (100 questions).


What to Bring when taking the examination at DMV

  • Proper identification (valid driver’s license, passport)
  • Payment for testing fee ($50)


Test Preparation

The MVDB recommends downloading the MVDB 35 Motor Vehicle Dealer Salesperson Study Guide to prepare for the Franchise Dealer-Operator tests


Retaking the examination

If you do not pass on the first try, you can retake the test the same day or another day. You must pay the $50 fee each time you retake the test.


After passing the Franchise Dealer-Operator examination

Upon passing the examination, you are qualified as a Franchise Dealer-Operator.  Next, you must submit a completed and signed MVDB 61 (Criminal History Background Check Form) along with the appropriate fees ($30 for salesperson license and $10 for Backgrond check) directly to MVDB for review and processing.  The MVDB 61 must be signed by you and a representative of the Dealer.