Dealer-Operator Renewals

Dealer-Operators responsible for the day-to-day operations at the dealership may be involved in the Dealer License Renewal Process.  The MVDB will send a “renewal package” at least 6 weeks prior to the Dealer's license expiration date (depending on the Dealer's license renewal cycle, this will occur every year or every two years).  If completing the renewal package is one of your Dealer-Operator responsibilities at the dealership, please ensure all forms are complete and reflect the most current information.  All applicable fees should be submitted along with the renewal package, to avoid delays in the dealer licensing process.

For specific information on Dealer License renewals see Dealer Renewal Process.


Completing the MVDB-10

Please make sure the MVDB-10 is accurate, complete, and signed by the Dealer or authorized individuals.

If you are both the Dealer and the Dealer-Operator, you are responsible for making sure all information submitted to the Board is correct. During the license renewal process, the Dealer (Dealer-Operator) should review their ownership structure, business hours, and all contact information.  The MVDB staff will conduct a thorough review and validate information prior to sending renewed Dealer and salesperson licenses. Providing an email address is helpful in cases where the MVDB may need to contact you with questions about your license renewal paperwork.