Guidance Documents

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Questions regarding these documents may be directed to Below is the breakdown of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board Guidance Documents:

Guidance Documents: Dealer Practices

  • PR010-97, Variance for Hours of Operation, May 1997, §§46.2-1533
  • PRO20-97, Off-Site Storage of Records, May 1997, §46.2-1529
  • PR021-16, Guidelines For Maintaining Records And Storing Records Off-Site
  • PR030-97, Temporary Supplemental Licenses for Used Car Sales, December 1997, §46.2-1516; and Temporary Supplemental Licenses for Used Car Sales (Rev.1), August 2000
  • PR050-97, Wholesale Sales Agreement, December 1997, §46.2-1530
  • "Dealers Who Are Not Maintaining Hours," MVDB Meeting Summary from July 1998
  • "Procedures For Violations of Minimum Hours And Established Place of Business," MVDB Meeting Summary from July 1998
  • Resolution on Educational and Warning Letters, January 10, 2005, Board Meeting
  • Resolution on Action on Adjudicated Cases That Do Not Involve the Transaction Recovery Fund, May 8, 2006, Board meeting
  • Guidelines For Maintaining Records And Storing Records Off-Site, October 2007
  • Guidelines to Issue Subsequent Temporary and Metal Plates, March 2009

Guidance Documents: Dealer Licensing

  • LI010-97, Certificate of Qualification, December 1997, §§46.2-1511 and 46.2-1512
  • "Guidelines for Review of Applicants Who Have a Criminal History" (March 17, 1998)
  • LI020-01, Dual Licensing Process, July 2001 "Process for Determining Sanctions" (July 1999)
  • "Salesperson and Dealer-Operator Test," MVDB Meeting Summaries from March 1996, May 1996 and September 1996
  • "Review of the Dealer's Buyer's Order," MVDB Meeting Summary from January 1996, §46.2-1530
  • "Delegation of Authority to the Executive Director and Office Manager," Meeting Summaries from March 1996, September 1996, September 1997 and July 1999
  • "Bonding Requirements," Memorandum from the executive director to the members of the Board dated October 27, 2000
  • Temporary Agent Licensing Guidelines, effective July 1, 2007
  • Salespersons Must Be Employees dated March 2008

Guidance Documents: Dealer Advertising

  • AV010-00, Deviations from Standard Practices June 2000
  • AV040-17, Guidance Document Advertising - Vehicle Location
  • AV050-17, Freight Charges/Shipping Charges/Delivery Charges/Destinations Charges
  • AV060-17, Guidance Document Transfer Fees
  • AV070-17, Guidance Document Advertising - Removal of Vehicles from Website
  • "Delegation of Authority to the Executive Director and Office Staff for Enforcing Regulations and Determining Civil Penalties"
  • MVDB Meeting Summaries, January 1996, and November 1998.

    Guidance Documents: Administration

    • AD010-95, Board Meetings (Parliamentary Guidelines), May 1997
    • AD020-95, Board Meetings (Public Comment), May 1997
    • AD030-96, Board Meetings (Meeting Documentation), Rev. December 2002
    • AD040-95, Board Meetings (Vice-Chair), May 1997
    • AD050-96, Board Meetings (Meeting Dates and Times), December 2001
    • AD060-95, Executive Director (Office Supplies), May 1997
    • AD070-95, Executive Director (Board Guidance), May 1997
    • AD080-00, MVDB American Express Purchase Policy, September 2000
    • AD090-00, MVDB Annual Loss Analysis Policy, September 2000
    • AD0100-00, MVDB Internet Privacy Policy, October 2000
    • AD0-105-01, MVDB Purchasing Policy
    • AD110-02, MVDB, Internal Database System Data Manipulation, Storage, Mainframe and Record Deletion Policy
    • AD111-02, MVDB Freedom of Information Act Compliance
    • AD120-02, MVDB Minority, Women & Small Business Source Procurement Policy
    • AD130-06, MVDB Adjudicated Cases Policy (Non-Transaction Recovery Fund)

    Guidance Documents: Internal Process

    • MVDB-01, Qualifications, October 1999
    • MVDB-02, Initial Salesperson Licensing, October 1999
    • MVDB-03, Monthly Renewals, November 1999
    • MVDB-04, Dealer Licensing, October 1999
    • MVDB-05, Nonprofit Organization Consignment Processing, April 2000
    • MVDB-06, Permanent and Temporary Supplemental Licensing, May 2000
    • MVDB-07, Field Inspections, June 2000
    • MVDB-08, Plate and Decal Inventory, August 2000

    Revised: January 25, 2018