Licensing Function

The primary function of the MVDB is to license car and truck dealers -- both franchise (new) and independent (used) car dealers. As part of the licensing process, the Board issues dealer license plates and renewal decals as directed by DMV. Licensing activities include:

  • Testing new applicants (tests administered at DMV Customer Service Centers)
  • Conducting Criminal History Background Checks on new applicants and on a random sample of renewals
  • Processing applications and issuing a license or a denial
  • Processing and issuing supplemental licenses
  • Performing field inspections for the opening and closing of dealerships
  • Maintaining a customer "window" for in-person transactions

Licensing Codes and Regulations
Motor Vehicle Licensing Codes and Regulations.

Criminal History Guidelines
Motor Vehicle Dealer Board Guidelines for review of applications for salesperson and dealer-operator licenses where the applicant has a criminal record.